Lucky me…I am back in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. I’ve been here for the past three weeks with my family for Christmas, New Years and my brothers Birthday. We spend Christmas here every other year together. Since my parents have a place at Tortuga Bay, we have made many new friends that are now considered family, along with old friends who have always felt like second family. Anabelle works at Tortuga Bay, and our dear Friend Pamela, who I painted last year when I was here in the spring, wanted to thank Anabelle for all her hard work at Tortuga and as a gift to Anabelle asked me if I would I paint her. She emailed me a photo, and I was truly delighted. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I am even happier that I got it done before I leave next week! My very first portrait of 2012 =)



Hope you enjoy it Anabelle, and thank you for thinking of me Pamelita!
Love, Marina

Deez & Meemz.

Deez and Meemz have been the best of friends since the 8th grade. 17 years or so. Damn, that's long. Deez' actual name is Denby, but I've called her Deez since high school, and she calls me Meemz. The two of us have had our ups and downs for sure - but she is there for me always, and I've got her back too =) We took this picture on my favourite beach in Mexico last year - Santa Maria, and I painted it or her for her birthday prezzy. Stoked we will be returning in June =) Anyhoo - Deez is a rockstar friend. She is super patient, organized and intelligent. All the things I struggle with. Opposites attract? This painting is quite large and hangs in her beautiful apartment - that is decorated in gunmetal gray and hints of deep maroons. I thought the gray scale colour palette would be most appropriate.



Love you Deez. Hope you don't mind me sharing this picture of us on here - next time I'm painting you solo chica.

ox MAF xo


Have you ever smelled the scent of a ripe pomegranate? Well that smell is a reminder of my childhood...Going to Croatia every summer and carefully peeling a giant pomegranate the size of my head. I would peel the whole thing and my brother Matt and I would eat massive hand-fulls as a reward for our excellent peeling skills. In Croatian we call them sipak. Pronounced She-puck.

Now it’s a treat for me after yoga sometimes to have a bowl of peeled, ready to eat – cold pomegranates waiting for me in the fridge after a hot yoga class. So refreshing!

When Matt came to Cabo for a few days only last week, he immediately thought I should paint a sipak for the dining room. So I did. This ones for you Matty!


Pamela is a sweet gal from Montana, my new friend.

Actually I'm not sure if she is from Montana, but I know she lives there. She also has a lovely place in Tortuga Bay next to my Mom and Pop in San Jose del Cabo. She came by to see my mermaid painting, and immediately asked me to paint her portrait for her husband. It's his Birthday on March 6th, same as my dad. I thought that was pretty cool, so I got to it right away. The only downer is I would have loved to do watercolor, but there is a shortage of watercolor supplies in Cabo. They don't have the amazing selection of paper like my favorite store "Opus" back home. They actually don't have really any at all. So I told her it would have to be acrylic.

It turns out she LOVED it, and asked me to paint another of her and her husband Dan. Awesome. Since the second one isn't a rush job, I get to paint her a watercolor after all =)
I can do it when I get home and send it to her in Montana. I can't wait.
And hey, I'm stoked I got more practice painting acrylic portraits!

Isn't she Preeeeetttty ?


Tres Hermanas.

I absolutely love all the Mexican horses on the beach, so I attempted a free style horsey painting on three canvases a la Mexicana. In the process, I decided to make this into a little story … Here goes:

Three horses stand in the tall grass overlooking the beautiful Mexican coast. They are sisters. The leader, the stallion, the eldest of the three has striking poise signifying her strength, as her hair blows in the powerful wind. She is fierce and wild, yet wise and shares her wisdom only with her two younger sisters. She is ready to go out and lead the way.

The lighter colored sister is in the middle. She is a warrior because she protects both her older and her younger sisters, and is very careful about letting others in. She watches out for her younger sisters ways, and carefully observes her older sisters actions.

The youngest is the sweetest, cutest horse. She hasn’t quite figured out her path, because she doesn’t need to - quite yet. She is the most independent of all three. Although she learns carefully from her older sisters mistakes, she still looks up at the beauty in which they poses, and acknowledges their courage. When she is ready to run free, the older sisters will always pray that she returns.

These three stick together, and have each others back for life even though they may all separate from time to time, their bond can never be broken.

(This picture is taken from my iphone)


Wow, what a day. I woke up in Mexico, took a peek outside and noticed the sun was shining and the wind was bowing- hard. My mermaid painting that I managed to begin and practically finish the day before, was staring back at me. I was happy with the result. I find that I judge my paintings a lot better when I wake up and see them the next day.  I’m still learning acrylic – but antsy to start oils.

I got up and my mom and I headed to Bikram yoga in a hot tent up on the hill.  A sweet, but sharp 60 or perhaps 70 year old named Mercedes was the teacher and she has something going on that reminded me of Emmy Cleaves; Indescribable knowledge of the practice, and a bendy body at her age that blew me away. She said just the right things, and new her shit. I love how some teachers have never corrected me once, and this little thing just put me in my place by the third posture. She made me get up and do some advanced postures in front of the other students.  I’ve been neglecting my practice lately so I desperately needed to get my ass handed to me, and what better way to receive then from a an old – stoned – wise – yogini.

I am in Mexico for the next few weeks painting a series of paintings and a mural in Tortuga Bay – and doing yoga daily. Stay tuned for more paintings and yoga stories, but for now here is my mermaid painting.