We Three Poms

I died when my old friend Lana sent the photos of these three adorable Pomeranians, in a ball. How ridiculously cute are they? Extremely. She wanted a portrait of all three together for a Christmas present, so I dove right into the painting.  Since I haven’t met them in person I wasn’t sure if I got the character, but she assured me I had. Yay - Love the painting and these three little Poms! Bailey, Brandy, & Whiskey next time I'm in van I hope to meet you!!

1. Who is the painting of ??

 The Pomeranian crew I nanny on a regular basis. Bailey, Brandy, & Whiskey. 

 2. Why did you decide to get a painting made? Who is it for?

 The owners do so much for me. They are so generous and kind, and I wanted to give them something meaningful for Christmas. 

 3. Are you happy with happy with how it turned out?

 I love it. It is better than I had hoped. No detail was missed. Even Brandy's little grey hairs! 

 4. Was the receiver pleased?

 They love it. They have been wanting a painting of the dogs but haven't had time. This made their Christmas. 

 5. Anything else you would like to share about the painting?

 Your so incredibly talented. The painting is identical to the photo. You captured the poms perfectly. Thank YOU! 



Baby Abigail.

A long-time family friend, brought baby Abigail into this world. Although I haven't met her in person, I was super excited to paint this adorable, tiny and sweet little thing. It was a gift from my mother to her friend Angela, Abigail's grandma.

The little flower in her hair did it for me. Ain't she the cutest? The photo of the painting is taken from my phone, so it's a little blurry and washed out. I didn't have my canon with me when I had to give it away =(

I think I love you little Abigail, and can't wait to meet you in person.

Big Love,


And Then There Was Three...

I think the first portrait I ever did "for real" was for Lara and Travis. About 3 years ago when I was playing around doing portraits of my friends and family I thought about doing one for them as their wedding gift. Little did I know that their gift would blaze a trail. After marriage, Lara and Travis introduced the most the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen into this world. Just like her parents, she is absolutely gorgeous. Baby Iyla. She has a sparkle in her eye that wee one. Her solo portrait is coming soon!

I was so excited to paint a portrait of this sweet family now of three. As you can see they are just as perfect as can be! Three years sure flew bye fast, Happy Anniversary.

Here are the questions I got Lara to answer for me...

Who is the portrait of?
Its a family photo of myself, my daughter, and my husband.

Why did you choose to get this portrait made?
Marina made me a portrait of my husband and I as a wedding present and I wanted to add to our "Marina" collection with our new bundle for our wedding anniversary.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the photograph or person in the painting?This photo was taken at Suzanne and Alex's wedding and was the first wedding Iyla attended. We had a fabulous time!

How did you hear about Marina’s art?I have known Marina since high school. She has been a very dear friend of my sister and I for many years. She is extremely talented in so many art facets and I am excited to add this family portrait to our "Marina" collection!

Love you Lara and Travis and Little Iyla.
Congrats on your Wedding Anniversary ~ Can't wait to squeeze you in real life.

Madeline's Babies.

My friend Madeline at work...loves her babies. Meet, Divo, Carbon, Lady and Margherita. Madeline's babies...She always shows us pictures with a big warm loving smile. One day she asked me if I could paint them, I was soooo excited! She flashed me some photos from her iphone of these little rugrats and I knew they were the love of her life, so it would have to be a special painting. She told me to take my time and I did. One at a time, I painted these four in Acrylic on a deep 16x20 inch canvas.

I gave her the painting yesterday and asked her what she thought...

"Amazing, I love it. It is so cute, even my mom is like....WOW!"


Thanks Madeline!
I love your babies too.... It is true, they are so so cute, and so lucky to have you as their Mama.



Yay! Another portrait =)

Zoe is a sweet little thing that I haven't yet met, but her mom Vickie is a friend of mine. They are both in Australia at the moment - but when they get back, I get to meet this gorgeous baby girl and give her her painting. Those big brown eyes are so adorable... Have you ever seen anything like them? She is growing so fast, I may have to paint her again in the next few years to see how much her pretty face has grown. I can't wait to meet her!