Madeline's Babies.

My friend Madeline at work...loves her babies. Meet, Divo, Carbon, Lady and Margherita. Madeline's babies...She always shows us pictures with a big warm loving smile. One day she asked me if I could paint them, I was soooo excited! She flashed me some photos from her iphone of these little rugrats and I knew they were the love of her life, so it would have to be a special painting. She told me to take my time and I did. One at a time, I painted these four in Acrylic on a deep 16x20 inch canvas.

I gave her the painting yesterday and asked her what she thought...

"Amazing, I love it. It is so cute, even my mom is like....WOW!"


Thanks Madeline!
I love your babies too.... It is true, they are so so cute, and so lucky to have you as their Mama.